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As we all know fruits are packed with vitamins and are the healthiest and sweetest solids we consume in our diet. People who eat more fruit on a daily basis are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. People who enjoy working and playing sports are advised to consume fruits to maintain their body!! 

TOMATO is a Fruit…

Did You Know??

Tomatoes are the most popular fruit in the world!!

FOUR top reasons to consume more tomatoes throughout YOUR diet:

  1. Full of flavor, juicy& sweet AND full of vitamins.
  2.  Tomatoes help prevent several types of cancer.
  3. Tomatoes help maintain strong bone.
  4. Finally, if you were a smoker and are worried about your health, grab a Tomato & you’ll feel the difference!!

PINEAPPLE helps in Digestion…

Interesting Facts..

Pineapples were very expensive in the 1700s, so American Colonists would rent a pineapple and carry it around a party to show their wealth!!

FOUR reasons to consume juicy, sweet& delicious Pineapples:

  1. Fights many diseases.
  2. Prevents coughs& colds
  3. Rich in vitamin A & high in vitamin C
  4. Helps break down food


Cucumbers originated in India around 3,000 years ago!!

  1. Cucumbers have 90% water content& help puffiness in your eyes while moistening and cooling them. That is why Cucumbers are used on your eyes at the spa.
  2. For those who watch their diet, cucumbers are the perfect fruit to add in salads or to snack on daily, as they are low on calories& saturated fats!

Eat cucumber slices before going to bed; you’ll wake up sharp and fresh!

Cucumbers are one of the most important fruits for children as it helps maximize brain cells and improves your memory!!

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