Tooty Fruity Fresh and Fruity

As we all know fruits are packed with vitamins and are the healthiest and sweetest solids we consume in our diet. People who eat more fruit on a daily basis are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. People who enjoy working and playing sports are advised to consume fruits to maintain their body!!  TOMATO is a Fruit… Did You Know?? Tomatoes are the most popular fruit in the world!! FOUR top reasons to consume more tomatoes […]

An Apple a day, Keeps doctor away ! Wait But why ?

An Apple a day, Keeps doctor away ! Wait But why ? As we all know Apples are known as ‘one of five a day’ of our daily fruits consumption that magically keeps the doctor away. The secrets of a juicy apple: Apples contain only the natural fruit sugar known as Fructose. NO added sugars. Apples are a top food source of soluble fiber, which endorses cardiovascular and digestive health and most importantly, protects against cancer. Packed with vitamin C, […]