An Apple a day, Keeps doctor away ! Wait But why ?

An Apple a day, Keeps doctor away ! Wait But why ?


As we all know Apples are known as ‘one of five a day’ of our daily fruits consumption that magically keeps the doctor away.

The secrets of a juicy apple:

  • Apples contain only the natural fruit sugar known as Fructose. NO added sugars.
  • Apples are a top food source of soluble fiber, which endorses cardiovascular and digestive health and most importantly, protects against cancer.
  • Packed with vitamin C, which is the best- known antioxidant vitamin.


An Apple a Day Keeps The Athlete Okay!!


We all know what an Apple tastes like, Juicy, crunchy and sweet. But, do we all know the effect Apples have on the human body, in particular to athletes and people who enjoy playing sports?

  • Apples are a great power snack for runners and the perfect fuel for Athletes. If you are a runner, grab an apple!
  • Apples contain a high amount of fluids, which is essential before exercising as the fruit prevents you from dehydration.
  • Apples help maintain the blood sugar levels and boost your stamina; it’s the perfect snack, which can be consumed as a drink and a solid.
  • Apples contain two important substances for your body:
  • Boron: Strengthens your bones and protects you from Osteoporosis.
  • Pectin: A reliable source of fiber.


Eat More, Feel Better, Weigh Less!appetite-1239056_1920

If you are worried about your daily consumption and want to eat comfortably, it’s a simple solution:  Grab an apple before each meal. It is a  ‘Lose Weight, Feel Great And Improve Your Overall Health Diet!! If you’re diet includes consuming different types of salads, substitute your salad dressing with the most effective, flavoring and tasty Apple Cider Vinegar!

Three Top Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar:

  • Add to your morning smoothie to addextra taste.
  • Use it as toner- Apply one drop on a cotton pad, let is rest on skin for ten minutes and gently rinse. Repeat routine three times a day and you will see the difference!
  • Problems with bad breathe? Simply add ½ tablespoon of Vinegar to a cup of water and gargle for 10 seconds!


An Apple A Day Is The Winning Way!