About eBaajaar

About eBaajaar

We want our users to enjoy their leisure time with their family instead of spending family time at bazars and supermarkets with BIG-Basket in your hand. You can get fresh vegetables and fruits on demand from your local Bazaar or sabzi-mandi, with NO minimum value order restriction. Yes, you can compare all sellers price online, choose the best and even BARGAIN!! Our Bargain feature gives a great experience to our users and ensure that each user get best deal for fresh vegetables and fruits.

Presently operating in a limited area of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Why use eBaajaar?

Fast delivery (within 2 hours) ! Delivery between 9 AM – 9 PM.
– Get fresh veg/fruits from local market, rather than compromising on cold storage.
Compare current market price, we don’t force our price on you.
– You can BARGAIN and get an even better price!
– First check the product on delivery, then pay.
– No minimum order value! Order above Rs.99/- and get free home delivery.
– Cashback and other rewards!
Share and EARN!
– Option to use eBaajaar App in Hindi,Marathi and English languages. Other languages coming soon!

We are the most comfortable platform for vegetables and fruits shopping. We provide an earning opportunity to farmers /local suppliers and a smooth shopping experience to consumers. Your every order for fresh vegetables/fruits is adding value to our unorganized and unrecognized vendors/small farmers. eBaajaar is now your one stop solution for fresh vegetables and fruits shopping with quick delivery and best price assurance. eBaajaar is neither controlling listed vendor’s price nor forces our users to buy or take the delivery of products if not satisfied with the quality. Our aim is to connect our users with their local sellers and help them to understand/compare market prices without stepping out of their home. Same price, same quality at just a few clicks on eBaajaar.

Every time when you buy fresh vegetables and fruits online, you support an unrecognized and unorganized small retailer/farmer to improve his/her lifestyle. Now buy fresh vegetables and fruits at a very reasonable price and get on demand delivery without any limitations. Eat seasonal fresh vegetables & fruits direct from the supplier rather than from cold storage. Buy local, support local!